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Branding services

We offer a wide range of promotional, corporate, gifts and clothing branding solutions for almost every business industry or personal needs. Take a look at some of our branding services:

  • Corporate branding
  • Personalised branding
  • Promotional branding
  • Sports branding
  • Stationary branding
  • Branded pens & notepads
  • Branded gifts & clothing
  • Branded USB flash drives
  • Branded bags & backpacks

"If it can be branded, we can supply it!"

Who is my target audience?

"If the info bellow doesn't answer your questions then drop us a mail or give us a call. We'll be happy to give you all the info you may need!"

"We have found that people have a tendency to choose products they think are cool or unique without considering how their audience would respond. The type of recipient will also directly affect your budget, making this a truly important first question to ask yourself. If you’re ordering a batch of trade show giveaways, you might have a relatively small budget per piece. But if you’re ordering gifts for employees, you’ll be springing for a much higher price point."

"Increasing brand awareness through visibility. Attracting visitors to a trade show booth. Rewarding employees for accomplishments. Thanking customers or clients. Elevating the perception of a company’s brand. You need to take the time to identify your promotional product goal so that you’re able to select items that will help you achieve it.r trusty suppliers combined with our many years of experience in the industry have ensured that all our clients receive top quality printing services and products."

"There are quality products to fit every budget, whether it’s large, small or flexible. You don’t have to break the bank to order impactful promotional items; on the other side of the coin, you don’t have to settle for commonplace items when what you’re really looking for is something with a wow factor."

"Some products will have minimum quantities you can order. Don’t forget that shipping costs could increase your order total which in turn could affect your overall quantity. You may lose some products to employees or to people taking more than the allotted number, so if you’re ordering for a specific event, buy more than the estimated number of attendees. If you order too many of an uninspired product, you could end up with leftovers that no one wants to use or give away."

"Every company has a tone, a style, an image. The promotional items that you choose to represent your brand should reflect the message you’re trying to send about your company. Another strategy for answering this question is to go industry-focused."

ColourPix Graphic Designs has a promotional gift, promotional clothing and corporate gift solution for every industry and even those personal events or gifting ideas.

"No matter who the client, big or small, we deliver only the best branded promotional or personal aitems!"

We love to make our clients happy, so we do our best to deliver your items as fast as possible. If quick delivery and great service is what you need then ColourPix is here for you and your business.

Contact us for a FREE consultation. Come take a seat next to one of our professionals and let us guide you through the best branding options.

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